Monday, September 17, 2012


the joy of surfacing
of feeling capable

realizing what you have learned
how you have grown
how to

move on

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  1. i woke up
    and i felt different
    that's what happened

    not up
    not down

    that intense feeling
    of seeing clearly

    not bright
    not muted
    but intensely plain

    an intensity caused by Absence

    i can't remain plain
    a longing for intensity
    for pursuing ideas
    for making them
    come to life

    i can't remain up
    the struggle
    with reality
    the desire to go further
    and to find
    that solid ground has disappeared

    i can't remain down
    being angry at
    what happened
    your mis take on
    morphing into anger
    at your self
    at what you know
    at what you are

    at your being
    at your becoming

    it is too tiring
    takes all your energy


    until you are beat
    worn out

    then it stops.

    I surface


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